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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Department of chemosensors

Head: Professor V.A.Bren


Department of chemosensors is based on the Laboratory of reactivity of organic compounds founded in 1977. From the beginning of its activity till now it is guided by professor, Doctor of science (chemistry) Vladimir A. Bren.

Main scientific trends:


A.D.Dubonosov, Doctor of Chemical Sci.; L.L.Popova, Ph.D.; Yu.V.Revinsky, Ph.D.; E.N.Shepelenko, Ph.D.; O.G.Karamov, Ph.D.; I.E.Tolpigin, Ph.D.; V.P.Rybalkin, O.G.Nikolaeva, S.K.Balenko, A.V.Tsukanov, P.V.Levchenko

Educational work:

11 Ph.D obtained their degrees under the guidance of Academician V.I.Minkin, Prof. V.A.Bren and Dr. A.D.Dubonosov

Selected publications:

  1. V.I. Minkin, V.A. Bren, A.E. Lyubarskaya in “Organic Photochromes” (Ed. A.V. Eltsov).  Plenum Publ. Corp., N.-Y. 1990. P. 218-244.
  2. A.D. Dubonosov, V.A. Bren, V.I. Minkin. The photochemical reactivity of the norbornadiene-quadricyclane systems. CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology. CRC Press, LLC: Boca-Raton, Fl. 2004. P. 17/1-17/34.


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