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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Laboratory of special organic synthesis

Head: Candidate of science N.E.Shelepin

Investigation synthesis into the photochromic systems with various types of photochemical transformations has been started in 1969. Employees of laboratory developed methods for the synthesis and prepared wide series of photochromic compounds, mainly of spiropyran and spirooxazine types.
Since 2002 the investigations into development of new methods for the synthesis of 1,3-tropolone derivatives have been performed. Bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity of the obtained 1,3-tropolones was determined.
The basic scientific directions:


  • Voloshin N.A., Ph.D, senior researcher; Trofimova N.S. Ph.D, senior researcher; Panina A.P., Ph.D., researcher.; Belousova L.V., researcher.; Adamova S.I., Ph.D., researcher.; Solovjeva E., junior researcher;
  • Alekseenko Yu.S., Ph.D, researcher; Muhanov E.L., Ph.D.; Lukjanova M.B., the post-graduate student; Halansky K.N., the post-graduate student; Ryashchin O.N., the post-graduate student;
  • Comissarov V.N., Doctor of science, senior researcher.; .Sayapin Yu.A., Ph.D., researcher.

Main publications (2008-2012)

  1. Lukyanov, B.S., Utenyshev, A.N., Tkachev, V.V., Aldoshin, S.M., Minkin, V.I., Lukyanova, M.B., Alekseenko, Yu.S.  Photo-and thermochromic spiranes 30. Comparative study by X-ray structural analysis of the structure of spiropyrans of the indoline series containing a condensed furan fragment // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 2008, 44 (2), pp. 163-169.
  2. Esam Bakeir, G. M. Attia, Maria Lukyanova, Boris Lukyanov, M. S. A. Abdel-Mottaleb, "The Effect of Tb and Sm Ions on the Photochromic Behavior of Two Spiropyrans of Benzoxazine Series in Solution", Research Letters in Physical Chemistry, 2008, Article ID 314898 (4 pages).
  3. Lukyanova, M.B., Tkachev, V.V., Lukyanov, B.S., Aldoshin, S.M., Utenyshev, A.N., Bezuglyi, S.O., Minkin, V.I., Kogan, V.A. Photo- and thermochromic spiranes. 31. Structure and photochromic properties of the benzoxazinone series functionalized spiropyrans // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 2008, 44 (11), pp. 1384-1390.
  4. Aldoshin, S.M., Sanina, N.A., Yurieva, E.A., Shilov, G.V., Kurganova, E.V., Morgunov, R.B., Luk'Yanov, B.S., Minkin, V.I. Synthesis, structure, and the photomagnetic effect in crystals of 1,3,3,7?-tetramethylspiro[indoline-2,2?-2H-pyrano[3,2-f]quinolinium] tris(oxalato)chromate(III) // Russian Chemical Bulletin, 2008, 57 (12), pp. 2495-2505.
  5. Olga G. Nikolaeva, Alexey V. Tsukanov, Evgenii N. Shepelenko, Boris S. Lukyanov, Anatoly V.Metelitsa, Olga Yu. Kostyrina, Alexander D. Dubonosov, Vladimir A. Bren, and Vladimir I.Minkin "Synthesis of Novel Iono- and Photochromic Spiropyrans Derivedfrom 6,7-Dihydroxy-8-Formyl-4-Methyl-2H-Chromene-2-One" International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume 2009, (2009), article ID 238615, (6 pages).
  6. Boris Lukyanov, Gennadii Vasilyuk, Eugene Mukhanov, Leonid Ageev, Maria Lukyanova, Yury Alexeenko, Serguei Besugliy, Valeri Tkachev "Multifunctional spirocyclic systems" International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume 2009 (2009), Article ID 689450, (6 pages).
  7. G. T. Vasilyuk, S. A. Maskevich, A. E. German, I. F. Sveklo, B. S. Luk'yanov, and L. A. Ageev "Hyper-Raman Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometry, and Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Photochromism of Spirocyclic Compounds on Nanostructured Metal Films" High Energy Chemistry, 2009, Vol. 43, No. 7, 521-526.
  8. Mukhanov, E.L., Alekseenko, Y.S., Luk'yanov, B.S., Dorogan, I.V., Bezuglyi, S.O. New photochromic nonsymmetric bis-spiropyran of the 2,3-dihydro-4-oxonaphtho[2,1-e][1,3]oxazine series // High Energy Chemistry, 2010, 44 (3), pp. 220-223.
  9. Khalanskiy, K.N., Alekseenko, Y.S., Lukyanov, B.S., Bezuglyi, S.O. 7?,7?-{1,4-Phenylenedi(methylene)bis(5-chloro-1,3, 3-trimethyl-1,3-dihydrospiro[indole-2,3?-pyrano[3,3-f] quinolinium])} diiodide - A novel indoline series symmetrically charged photochromic bisspiropyran // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 2011, 47 (3), pp. 377-378
  10. Khalanskiy, K.N., Alekseenko, Y.S., Lukyanov, B.S., Borodkin, G.S., Bezuglyi, S.O. Photo- and thermochromic spirans 36.* Synthesis, structure and photochromic properties of 7′,7″-{1,4-phenylenedi(methylene)-bis(5- chloro-1,3,3-trimethyl-1,3-dihydrospiro-[indole-2,3′-pyrano[3,2-f] quinolinium])} diiodide // Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 2012, 48 (7), pp. 1090-1097.

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