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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Laboratory of Molecular Dynamics

Head: Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, Mikhailov Igor E.

Staff        Staff

Scientific Group:

Dushenko Galina A., Doctor of Chemical Science
Bumber Alexej A., Candidate of Chemical Science
Bicherov Alexander V., Candidate of Chemical Science
Profatilova Irina A., Candidate of Chemical Science

Post-graduate students: Vikrishuk A.D.; Mikhailova O.I.; Suvorova E.Yu.

Students: Starikov D.; Manuilov I.; Kuleshov I.

Scientific interests:

- Synthesis, structure, fluxional behavior of novel cyclopolyene compounds. Obtaining polyfunctional materials for molecular electronics and photonics on their base.

- Novel polyfunctional materials possessing non-linear optical properties on the base of optically active cyclopentadienyl compounds with donor side-chain, imines of o-oxyaraldehydes and their metal complexes.

- Synthesis and molecular design of novel photo- and electroluminescent 8-hydroxyqunoline compounds for organic electroluminescent materials and devices (OLEDs)

Selected publications:

  1. V.I.Minkin, I.E.Mikhailov. Rearrangements in Amidines and Related Compounds. In: The Chemistry of Amidines and Related Compounds. (Eds. S.Patai, Z.Rappoport), J.Wiley, Chichester, 1991, vol. 2, ch. 11, p. 527-623.
  2. G.A.Dushenko, Mikhailov I.E., A.Zschunke, N.Hakam, C.Mugge, R.V.Skachkov, V.I.Minkin. Synthesis and Rearrangements of 5-(1,2,3,4,5-Pentaphenylcyclopentadienyl)isoselenocyanate // Mendeleev Commun., 1995, p. 182-184.
  3. G.A.Dushenko, I.E.Mikhailov, A.Zschunke, N.Hakam, C.Mugge, V.I.Minkin. 1,7-Sigmatropic Shifts of Phenylthio Group along the Perimeter of the Cycloheptatriene Ring. // Mendeleev Commun., 1997, p. 50-51.
  4. G.A.Dushenko, I.E.Mikhailov, O.E.Kompan, A.Zschunke, G.Reck, B.Schulz, C Mugge, V.I.Minkin. Synthesis and Structure of Chiral N,N'-diaryl-(-naphthamidinium-N-[1,2,3,4-tetra(methoxycarbonyl)cyclopentadien-5-yl] ylides and Their Metal Complexes. // Mendeleev Commun., 1997, p. 127-129.
  5. I.E.Mikhailov, G.A.Dushenko, I.D.Sadekov, A.Zschunke, V.I.Minkin. Circumambulatory Rearrangements of O-, S-, Se-, and Te-centred Groups around the Cyclopentadiene Ring. // Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon (PSSi), 1998, vols.136,137 &138, p. 541-544.
  6. G.A.Dushenko, I.E.Mikhailov A.Zschunke, G.,Reck, B.Schulz, V.I.Minkin. Structure and rearrangements of 7-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7-heptaphenylcycloheptatrienyl)isocyanate, isothiocyanate and isoselenocyanate. // Mendeleev Commun., 1999, N 6, p. 222-225.
  7. G.A.Dushenko, I.E.Mikhailov, A.Zschunke, G.Reck, B.Schulz, C.Mugge, V.I.Minkin. Synthesis and Structure of Stable Chiral Au(I) Complexes with N,N'-diaryl-(-naphthamidinium-N'-[2,3,4,5-tetra(methoxycarbonyl)cyclopentadien-1-yl]-ylides. // Mendeleev Commun., 1999, N 2, p. 67-70.
  8. V.I.Minkin, I.E.Mikhailov, G.A.Dushenko, A.Zschunke. Circumambulatory rearrangements of cyclopolyenes containing element-centred migrants. // Russian Chemical Reviews, 2003, vol. 72, No 10, pp. 867-899.
  9. A.A. Bumber, I.A. Profatilova, G.A. Dushenko, and I.E. Mikhailov. Redox Processes in Amidinylcyclopentadiene Compounds and Thallium Complexes // Russ. J. Electrochem. 2003, Vol.39, ?6, p.699-703
  10. I.E.Mikhailov, G.A.Dushenko, G.,Reck, B.Schulz, O.I.Mikhailova, V.I.Minkin. Structure and rearrangements of 3-iso(thio,seleno)cyanato-1,2,3-triarylcyclopropenes. // Russ. J. Org. Chem. 2006. Vol.42. No.11. P.1630-1636.
  11. I.E.Mikhailov, G.A.Dushenko, G.,Reck, B.Schulz, A.Zschunke, V.I.Minkin. The Unusual Structure of Potassium Complexes with Amidinylcyclopentadienyl Ligands. // Doklady Chemistry, 2007, Vol. 412, Part 2, P.49-54

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