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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Laboratory of critical fluid technologies

Head of the laboratory: Doctor of science (Chemistry), N.I. Borisenko 


In recent years we have noted an increased interest to the application of sub- and supercritical environments as a solvent for extraction of natural compounds and as an environment for chemical transubstantiation.

Nowadays there is a great amount of experimental data on research of various substances under the temperatures and pressures close to the critical state.

Critical characteristics of some gasses

Name of the gas

Temperature of the critical point, TC oC

Pressure of the critical point, PC atm

Critical density, g/cm3










Carbon dioxide








Nitric oxide




Sulphurous Hexafluoride












Nowadays the main used supercritical extractants are CO2, H2O, C3H8, C2H4, C2H6 are used less frequently. All these substances are ecologically harmless or less harmful.

At the Laboratory of critical fluid  technologies so-called subcritical water (near-critical water) is being studied. This is the condition when  the water is being exposed to the temperatures over 100 oC up to 374 oC and pressure exceeding the pressure of saturated steam under the given temperature . This circumstance affords the water to remain liquid and retain an interface between water and steam phases provided that there will be enough volume.




Particular interest to water is aroused by its unique capacity to change its physico-chemical characteristics, such as dielectric permittivity viscosity, heating capacity, diffusion coefficient and density depending on pressure and temperature.



Main research trends:

- Investigation of properties of sub-critical water and supercritical ectoplasms for extraction and chemical modification of biologically active natural compounds.
This research trend includes development of technologies and appropriate plants (corresponding devices) for extraction of biologically active compounds of bioflavonoid and triterpenoid class in sub-critical water environment out of plants growing in North Caucasus. Currently are already developed the methods of betulin extraction out of birch rind in sub-critical water environment using the developed pilot extraction plant.

We are working on patenting of extraction methods of bioflavonoids (quercetin and dihydroquercetin) in sub-critical water environment. We also work successfully on chemical modification of triterpen compounds.
-Equipment and technologies development for preparation of bio-diesel fuel out of renewable plant resources using sub- and supercritical technologies.
- New: research of possibilities of preparation and modification of alginic acids  in subcritical water.
- In prospect: research of possibilities of use of sub- and supercritical technologies for creation of nano-dimension pharmaceutical preparations.

Our research work is being supported by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation as a part of the Russian-American program “Basic Research and Higher Education - BRHE”, and also by Civilian Research and Development Foundation and Administration of Rostov Region.

The project of Laboratory of critical ectoplasm technologies “Technologies of extraction of biologically active substances” presented at the VII Moscow International Salon of innovations and investment was awarded the gold medal and diploma of Federal service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks



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