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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Conferences on chemistry in 2015

Dear colleagues!

In 2015, the following conferences on the topics of our Institute are planned:

  • XII International Workshop on Magnetic Resonance (Spectroscopy, Tomography and Ecology)
    Rostov-on-Don (Russia), March 2-7, 2015
    Conference site: http://magnres2015.ipoc.sfedu.ru
  • IX International conference of young scientists on Chemistry “Mendeleev 2015”
    Saint Petersburg (Russia), April, 7-10, 2015.
    Conference site: http://mendeleev.spbu.ru/
  • V.A. Fock Meeting on Quantum and Computational Chemistry
    Vladivostok, Pimorsky Krai (Russia), June, 19-24, 2015.
    Conference site: http://www.qcc.ru/~fock
  • XII European Congress on Catalysis "Catalysis: Balancing the use of fossil and renewable resources",
    Kazan (Russia) 30th August to 4th September, 2015.
    Conference site: www.EuropaCat2015.com
  • V International Conference CBC2015 «The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds. Modern Aspects»,
    Saint-Petersburg (Russia), August 31 to September 3, 2015 
    Conference site: http://www.cbcconf.com/index_e.htm
  • ECMM 2015: European Conference on Molecular Magnetism,
    Zaragoza (Spain), September 6-10
    Conference site: http://ecmm2015.unizar.es/
  • International conference “Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry: Achievements and Challenges.” (VI Razuvaev Lectures)
    Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), September 18-23, 2015
    Conference site: http://iomc.ras.ru/razuvaev2015/
  • 10th Phenics International Network Symposium
    Corsica island (France),  November 23-27, 2015
    Conference site: http://irg.ups-tlse.fr/index.php

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