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Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at Southern Federal University
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Laboratory of nuclear magnetic resonance

Head of NMR Laboratory: Dr. Gennadii S. Borodkin


Since its founding at Institute of physical and organic chemistry of Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don in 1972, NMR laboratory where Dr of chemistry Leonid Nivorozhkin was the first head, has concentrated its  fundamental research orientations as follows:


  • Providing  scientific groups with spectral analytical instruments, ensuring educational processes for students, scientific works of post-graduates, competitors of scientific degree (doctors, phD, master of science) for Southern Federal district who works in the field of fundamental branches of science,
  • training specialist of improvement in their skill,
  • giving consulting support for MR-tomography laboratories and the other institution interested in MR-field.


NMR-spectrometer UNITY300 (VARIAN, USA) in the complete set of the work station “SUN-SPARC Ultra 10”, as well as the equipment for recording NMR spectra of every possible nuclear, temperature changing both solution and solid state samples (CP/MAS).


The laboratory has some theoretical and scientific technical works done in anticipation in the area of spectral and analytical research: NMR dynamic spectroscopy including development of different techniques for direct experimental measuring dynamic process parameters of molecular dynamics, as well multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy (there was multiplet selective excitation of coupled spin systems).

Center for collective use (CCU) “Northern Caucasian Regional Laboratory of nuclear magnetic resonance” was arisen on the bases of Institute of physical and organic chemistry.


Institution customers for serving of CCU:

  • Physical and Organic chemistry department of Southern scientific center of Russian Academy of science, Rostov-on-Don,
  • Novocherkassk State Technical University, Novocherkassk,
  • Kuban  State University, Krasnodar,
  • Stavropol State University, Stavropol,
  • Northern Osetin State University, Nalchik,
  • Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy, Pyatigorsk,
  • Dagestan State University, Makhachkala.

Staff:  Dr. Yuri Chernysh, Mikhail Korobov, Inna Borodkina, Boris Lukyanov, Pavel Chepurnoy, Nathalie Stankevich.

Educational work:
Laboratory coworkers train the students to defend their degrees.

“Northern Caucasian Regional Laboratory of nuclear
magnetic resonance” invites scientific groups to collaboration.

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